In Which I Try Something Different

Today is the launch of the Kindle Scout Campaign for The Elf's Apprentice.
The first two chapters are uploaded and available for preview on the campaign page here:

If you like what you see, please NOMINATE the title for publication (in the sidebar) or save it for later consideration. If you help get the book to publication, there's a free copy for everyone who nominates the title. 

So, if the story seems like something you think others would enjoy, sassy, humorous, irreverent fantasy romance. Sexy elves and smart-ass apprentices, magic, sword fights, true love, etc. :)
Please spread the word! 

Thanks so much to every last person who has help or will help with The Elf's Apprentice's long journey.

Best to you all!


The Elf's Apprentice

by Frances Pauli 

 A sorcerer, a rebel, and a kingdom under fire

As the sorcerer's new apprentice, Kia's fiery temper is bound to get her into hot water. Evander is obnoxious, arrogant, intolerable, and undeniably the most beautiful elf alive. Even if she passes his relentless testing, working at his side just might kill her. Worse, her master has powerful enemies inside the palace. When their attacks turn personal, the sorcerer's apprentice becomes the perfect bait in a deadly trap set to destroy the man who has become far more than just her boss.