Among The Living

I have very few delusions about any regular blog readers, but it did occur to me for a breath this morning, that there might be one person out there thinking, is she still kicking?

In other words, the guilt monkeys pointed out I hadn't blogged this century.

So here is the state of things, and a reassurance to my own guilt. I live. I write. Sometimes, I do both at the same time.  It turns out that's a lot easier than it sounds.

The current book in my Scriv binder is Sky Dragon, the third Kundalis dragons novel, and it is well past the midpoint and racing for home.
The third Princes of the Shroud book is with typesetting etc, and should be a real live launched book late this summer.
The second Corduroy County Coven book is begun and in the queue to finish as soon as the Kundalis novel is awaiting edits.
Speaking of awaiting edits, I should have The Elf's Apprentice back from the proofreader soon and we'll have an indie launch on the schedule.

Farther out, I'm afraid, the final Dogs of War books will still be coming soon... (seems like the soon is a bit too much, there huh?) As will the next Kingdoms Gone title, Powers that Be. That series has a lot more coming from it, and I hope I can keep the releases at least to a bi-annual sort of pace.

In the "new business" category, I am working hard to lay the groundwork for my next series, Hybrid Nation, which I'm only half jokingly calling "Divergent meets Zootopia." For a sneak peek at that one, there is a short story in the current issue of GoAL that has to do with my protagonist's origins.
Not for the faint of heart thought, that particular short has a horror edge to it.

Should be a lot of shorts coming, in particular in that world since it's haunting me and I can't quite get to it in earnest yet.

Both the web serials are still available for free reading as well. Just follow the bouncing links.
 The Earth Tigers
Much Ado About Bluebottles

Thanks to anyone/everyone who is still reading. It's been a helluva a year, a lot more awesome than the last on so far. Health is good, new critique group is appropriately kicking my arse, and the convention season has gotten off to a bang of a start.

Here's hoping everyone out there is having as much fun as I am!