Go For Launch.... PARTY


Good morning, boggy reader! If a few of the titles above look familiar, it's because I am relaunching the Heartstone Series, (originally the Princes of the Shroud books) with new covers, formatting and some additional edits and polish.

In celebration, we'll be having a humongerous (it's a word, really) party on Facebook with a ton of free books, fun games, and a seriously nice lineup of guest authors. To put date on your calendar and make sure you get in on the goods, hit the event page here:

Here is our amazing line-up of Scheduled guest authors!
2:00 Jaleta Clegg
2:30 Heartstone Series
3:00 S.M Schmitz
3:30 Danielle Arnett
4:00 Trish McCallan
4:30 Siana Wineland
5:00 Prizes!
Times are in PST and guest author bios and such will be coming as we wait for the big day! Please make use of the share/invite buttons. The more the merrier!

 In addition, anyone looking for a review copy of a book in the series can contact me here or on Facebook (or anywhere you can snag me) and there will also be a big 'ol blog tour courtesy of 
Coffee and Characters.
I love them.

And of course, the first three Heartstone books are already available for pre order on Amazon! 

Here's hoping we'll see you on Sept. 1!!