Re-branded and Re-released: Fairy Trilogy Gets an Overhaul

 One of the things I meant to do when I started all this "writing stuff" was to be prolific, to keep writing until I had a solid backlist of books to manage. For the most part, I've pulled that off. Along the way, I learned some lessons about focus and publishing, and most significantly about crafting a good story.

So when I look back on that very first published novel it's with  mixture of affection and trepidation. The writing, well, it's changed since then. There are certainly story things I would have done differently, but most obviously there are ways I would have put the words together now versus how I thought it worked then.

Which made it a mixed blessing when I got my rights back for the Changeling Race trilogy. These characters are my oldest and dearest friends. I didn't want to change their story. It felt somehow like erasing their history. But I did want to fix the writing. Boy did I want to.

And thankfully, choosing to publish them myself has allowed me that option. The process was a bit of an eye opener, and not always easy, but the trilogy has been given a bit of an overhaul, language-wise, and is now re-covered and ready to go out into the world and cause all sorts of fairy msichief.

I hope it has a heck of a time.


A  Moth In Darkness

The Fly In Paradise

Spiders From Memory