Saturday, November 7, 2009

NaNo Me This, NaNo Me That...

NaNo me at a write-in in a really great hat...

My brain is gone, sorry. Well, technically it's not gone--it's just full. My NaNo novel has taken over every available cerebral function. All primary life-support systems have been put on hold. It's okay, I like it that way. The book must be written.

Like every year before, this first week has whipped by in a blur of introductory clauses, dry characterization, dull dialog and longwinded, low action plot. . . then, just about 9:15pm yesterday, It started to get good--really good. Also like every previous year, I let myself get excited about this. Even though I know that week two is just around the corner. Week two. sigh.

Week two sucks. Week two is when your motivation flags, your enthusiasm takes a hike, the nap you've been putting off for a week so you can make your daily count looks suddenly far more tempting than literary success. You inevitably fall behind.

Maybe not this year, I tell myself. I've managed to build up nearly a 5000 word buffer cushion just with week two in mind. Maybe I'll keep my momentum, maybe the cushion will keeep me up to date. Maybe the flying monkeys on my porch are real.
Maybe not.

Oh well. Like I need new pets. I will trudge onward into week two, and fall behind. I really want to take that nap. Anyway, I have week three to look forward to on the other side. We love week three.
I'll see you there,

Imagining what a flying monkey eats,

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