Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pitter Patter of Little Keys

In the wake of a quiet early evening, walking the busy street amidst the mobs of cleverly disquised children searching for the next piece of sugary goodness, I delivered my precious, sugar enhanced toddlers into the arms of a patient and experienced guardian (my Mother) for the evening, and shot home as fast as my 2005 Malibu Maxx could manage without turning the afore mentioned street meandering children into speed bumps.

How many words is that?

My writers' group had a date later that evening, and I was anxious for it to start. I'd waited 12 months, after all. I'd done my parental duty early, cleaned my house, and put on a huge pot of pumpkin soup. Now, it was my time. Not, halloween, formerly reverved for parties, candy and general witchiness--No. It was favorite masochistic holiday of the year.

It went something like this:
8:00-12:00 Distract ourselves with eating, games, eating, contests, eating, partying, and other irrelevant nonsense.
12:00 GO! No wait, really GO GO GO...
The clicking of keyboard keys rumbled through my double wide....and they're off!
12:02 Check word count (Dammit!)
12:30 Coffee refill. Don't look at the're not tired.
1:30 I'm a little tired. If I hit my daily quota, can I go to bed?
1:35 I'm really tired. I'm close to my quota, I'm going to go to bed...Is that a bottle of wine?
2:00 I'm really going to bed now. Hey! It's one o'clock again. (go back and repeat)
2:30 or is it 3:00? Let's extrapolate on the difference between chronological time and technical time...where'd the wine go?
2:35 Why do I do this to myself? I just wanted to try it once, just prove to myself one time that I could write the bloody thing in a month. Why do I come back, year after year?
3:00????? Dream about reaching 50K by thanksgiving.
6:35AM or maybe 7:35 depending on how you look at the clock. Yawn. Is it morning? Where's my laptop, I've got a great idea.

Happy NaNo everyone.


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M.Baker said...

that is the funnyiest dam thang that I ever did read.