Saturday, October 29, 2011

Filking a Moth in Darkness

I've been filked.

It's not what you think. I was confused at first too. Actually, filking is a type of fannish folk music borne from a typo in a convention program long ago. (or a few decades, I'm not sure.)

So, I'm greatly honored and super excited to share my first ever filk, both written and performed by the talented Voss Foster. From my Changeling Race trilogy: book one, A Moth in Darkness, here is Revel, revel. :D

Revel, revel

Step ye into the mushroom ring
Revel, revel high
Dance ye now with the faerie folk
Revel, revel, die

Food and drink we give to you
Drink our faerie wine
Fast within the circle spin
Revel, revel, die

Under the spell of the faerie food
Look into our eyes
Man and fae alike are here
Everyone shall die

Revel, revel, revel, now
Revel, revel high
Save your coin for the ferryman
Revel, revel, die

Insanity engulfs you now
Revel, revel high
Addiction carries you back again
Revel, revel, die

The dancers come to their resting place
Revel, revel high
Their souls are gone, their minds erased
Revel, revel…

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