Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trick or Treat

Okay, so I promise I won't torture you with too many puzzles, but this is really fun. I couldn't resist one more. Just one.

I have a short vampire romance coming out for Halloween, and it really does make a nice puzzle. :) I used bigger pieces, so it should be a snap, and I've thrown in the blurb as well.

Trick or Treat,
~ Frances

Jane Johnston has always nursed her crush on the boss in silence. Then a rare invitation to the company conference drops a golden opportunity in her lap. She’s got the dress, she’s got a plan, but when she gets lost along the way, a roadside attraction leads her to a sexy Vampire who thinks Jane is the answer to his prayers. When he shows up at the conference hotel, all her plans go right out the window. Will Jane choose the man she’s always wanted, or the one who claims to own her soul?

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