Friday, May 17, 2013

Children's Books, Laying the Foundation

Well, it's Children's book week, and we are blogging together about favorite topic. I've said over and over on this blog (and elsewhere...basically to anyone who would listen) that it doesn't matter one snit HOW we read in the future (or today for that matter) and that what we should be concerned about is THAT we read in the future, or more pointedly, that our children read.

You know, in between all that gaming and playing in holo-suites and on their anti-grav skateboards.

So when I get to thinking about how to keep kids reading, my mind immediately goes to the books that were pivotal to my developing love of books. Not surprisingly, most of these are science fiction or fantasy books. It sticks, you see, when planted properly. In particular, I think of the first science fiction I believe I was ever exposed to. In grade school, my teacher read us a middle grade trilogy about Tripods, wicked aliens who had taken over Earth, and about the young boys attempting to evade them.

I remember how blown my mind was. Up to this point, I had stuck faithfully to dog and horse books. (I still like those too) Science Fiction was way, way out of my ballpark...and I loved it! Escaping rampaging aliens, it turned out, was just as much fun as taming a wild stallion and turning him into a racehorse. (Which, as an adult, I know is just as unlikely)

So without further ado, I give you the Tripods books. If you have marauding middle graders, why not expose them to something wonderful and literary? Who knows--it just might spark a lifelong love of reading and science, a semi-pathological Star Trek addiction and an inexplicable soft spot for Stormtroopers....but maybe that's just me.

TRIOPODS by John Christopher

Book one:
The White Mountains

Book two:
The City of Gold and Lead

Book three:
The Pool of Fire

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Jaleta Clegg said...

Those were some of my favorite books, too. Great choices!