Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Ongoing Serial Addiction

I am a child of whims at time. I get "hooked" on things, and yes, sometimes it is a silly dragon breeding game on facebook... (still can't get them to make a poo dragon!) or the koi app on my tablet that I am now chained to (or the poor things go belly up!).

But sometimes I get addicted to something truly cool. Most of the ridiculous fads pass and I let the Neopet die, or stop logging into the dragon world, or what have you. I get it out of my system, get over it, and move on.

But serials have really hooked me....from day one. And they have held me fast too.

One of the first things I ever published was a web serial. Space Slugs is now finished, metamorphosed into a book, ebook and soon-to-be audio book, and the second one, Slug Opera, is on its next to last episode. I haven't been an enormous serial success, let me tell you. I'm pretty much talking to the crickets out there, but I have no intention of stopping either, and I'll tell you why.

I love them.

Simple enough answer. I love the format, the deadline the multiple cliffhangers. I love them. I read them too, and that's a big deal to me, living on both sides of the fan/author barrier. (which is in itself a fiction construct...but that's a different rant)

So when I discovered Jukepop, it wasn't surprised that I climbed aboard as fast as I could. I signed up and started reading and wow was I shocked at the awesome talent on there. Great stories, really strong writing, the kind of thing that throws me straight into a tide of self doubt and chocolate nibbling for days on end. I found at least a half dozen serials that I wanted to keep reading, plopped them onto my bookshelf for new chapter updates, and then got busy working on submitting one of my own.
(cause the self-doubt only lasts so long)

Today I got the answer and I am so tickled I can't guessed it, nibbling chocolate again.

The new story, The Earth Tigers, is now available through Jukepop and I am officially a Jukepop author.
wheeeeee!! has big spiders.
can't go wrong there.

Have a peek?

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