Monday, February 10, 2014

Packing for Con

It's convention season again...
and I'm a little bit excited.

Just because I spend most of the year writing my large, aging buttocks off, (that's my five year old's new favorite word: buttocks. She uses it whenever she possibly can find an opening) doesn't mean I'm not an enormous fan. I am. A fan. First and foremost.

So when con season rolls around, I do start packing up inventory and arranging panels and promotions and hand outs, yes...but mostly I'm dreaming of that Romulan ale they serve in Ten Forward, and the costumes and the stuff to, the stuff to buy. 

Alongside my "author" prep, I gather my fan gear. My Star Fleet insignia, my costumes, jewelry and books that I want to get signed. 
This year, I got really fancy and I made this:

It's a Horgh'an, and I'm super proud of it. I meant to bring it to show off and to keep in the hotel room. I meant to. Unfortunately, the Horgh'an will not be coming to con. You see, my husband looked it up on the internet. 


It's still pretty cool, right? Even if it has to stay home. I bust my ass charting that bad boy. (So bad! Look it up, go on.) 

Anyway. I'm off to convention. I hope to see some of you there. If you miss it, I'll do a report when I return, 
We have dealer's room this year....I'm hoping its very close to Ten Forward. 

Bring on the Ale!

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