Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Well, I'm not entirely certain that I survived NaNoWriMo this year...I still have a TGIO party to get through and I haven't actually looked at the words I've written yet...but it seems like its mostly over. (mostly over is slightly still going) That being said, it felt like a good time for an update post, a what in the world am I doing and what comes next sort of checking in.

I am still writing. Sometimes its a few words a day, and sometimes it's a few chapters, but school is going and the mini grubs have health issues and I'm spending far to many hours outside my comfortable, well-worn writing chair. Still, there should be some new stories coming, and they'll go something like this:

Princes of the Shroud book two: SEEN is set to release any day now.
Dogs of War: Demon Dogs: should be the same. I'm crossing my fingers it lands soon, cause yall know the war dog series is my favorite, right? At least, this week.
Kingdoms Gone book four: Blame the Bearer will release on Christmas day in ebook and shortly (very shortly) after in paper.
Here area few pretty covers so the post has images...

I should have a cover to reveal for Demon Dogs any time now too...but I've seen the mockup and I LOVE IT.

Shorter stuff: 
I have shorts coming out in the Strange Little Girls anthology from Belladonna Press and the Space Opera antho from Geminid Press. Both look like they're going to be fabulous books and I'm thrilled about the stories' inclusion. 

The Dogs of War/Corduroy County Coven crossover novella is written and will be edited and available as soon as I can physically make that happen. There should also be a Shift Happens short and a new standalone elf/romance/novella type thingy coming. (working on that as we speak.)

Aside from releases, I'll be at both Radcon and Norwescon again this year. So far that's the sum total of my con appearances, but if more pop up they'll be under the NEWS tab.
I also have the serial still running over at Jukepop and on this blog: 
and there will be a new, unique, possibly bizzarro blog fiction dealy coming that I'm really excited for, but is totally top secret for now. 

Stay tuned. When it goes live, I'll be crowing about it here.

~ Frances

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