Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Author's Twelve Days of Christmas

Happy holidays!! Okay, this is either the twelve days of christmas, or an author's
twelve step program...I get those two confused. (and I've had some eggnog.)
Either way, enjoy!
and Merry ChristmaHanukwanzika....or Festivus..for the rest of us.
Pass the rum.


On the first day of Christmas...(or step one??)
My recalcitrant Muse brought to me,

One trashy cover painting.

On the second day of Christmas, My recalcitrant Muse brought to me...

Two drafts to edit and a C.G.-trashy cover painting.

Okay, you get the's the rest.

Twelve days on the bestseller lists!!!!
Eleven drunk reviewers (a happy review is a good review)
Ten more months of waiting
Nine contract offers (I'm very optimistic)
Eight months for waiting (and waiting and waiting)
Seven Agents bidding
Six pitching sessions
Five rejection emails (stretch this one out, it's fun!)
Four damned synopsis
Three query letters
Two drafts to edit
and a C.G. trashy cover painting!!

Okay, it makes more sense if you read it from the bottom.

:-D Got my Holiday Spirit back,

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