Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Don't Publish America, Please...

One of my writing lists online is engaged in yet another discussion with someone who tragically put their manuscript into the hands of Publish America... he's now totally screwed.

I can't go over this enough, don't do it. And if I can't convince you, check out this link:

It's actually pretty funny, and sad as well. But PA was dissin on the Sci-fi genre (probably because of Preditors and Editors affiliations and their not so complimentary posts about Science Fiction struck back, so to speak.

The scariest part of the Travesty (Travis Tea...get it) is that contract from PA which you can find to read in the links section.

Enjoy, read it, beware.....
If you're desperate to have your book in print, at least self publish, then you won't be stuck in a contract that owns EVERY right to your book for seven years with unlimited extentions. Basically, they own your book, and you might as well just write it off and write something else.


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