Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh NO! It's up to my...

I'm being slowly devoured. It's not funny.
You see, there's this forum in the Nanowrimo boards called, Nanowrimo ate my soul.
I think it's happening.

Maybe I've just done the thing too many years, or maybe I made a bad choice writing a novel that needs to be written. . .okay has to be written. Whatever I've done wrong, it's sucking all the fun out of my November.

Not really. Psyche!

What I do have is the week two blues. It happens every year to just about everyone trying to hammer out a full length novel in thirty days. This year, I've got it bad.
I jumped out of the starting gate like a thing possessed. I wrote like lightning and built up a two day cushion of security. I even fell back in love with the story, characters and world that I hadn't fell like working with in some time.

Then it hit. The other shoe dropped. Week two is upon me with a vengeance.

The story sucks. I've made huge errors. My plot holes could drown a whale.
I look at this scene as Im writing it and think, I'm going to have to completely rewrite this entire section. Week Two.

To make things better my good friend has quoted back to me every motivational catchphrase, every word of encouragement and pep and inspiration that Ive ever spewed at her or any other wrimos. If I were them, Id strangle me.

I've hit Nano-rock bottom.
Thank goodness. There's no place to go from there but, well, back to the keyboard.

Up and atem Atom Ant...
Here's hoping todays contribution wont be complete rubbish.


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