Friday, November 12, 2010

You Might Be an SFR Fan If....

I make a big deal about all the romance hiding in the science fiction section. It’s probably getting old, but I’m bored, and it’s a pet subject. I write SFR, sue me. Anyway, I was thinking of all the time I wasted believing I was a science fiction fan, when in fact, I was a classic science fiction ROMANCE fan and I decided to compile a list of symptoms that other folks could use to make the distinction for themselves.

I mentioned the bored thing, right?

20 Signs you might actually be a sci-fi ROMANCE fan.

1. You’ve ever rented your boyfriend a Star Fleet uniform.
2. You think Stormtroopers are sexy.
3. You love Barbara Cartland, but most of her books would have been better with some cybernetics or a hot, alien love interest.
4. You’ve ever wondered what style purse would compliment a phaser.
5. The NASA logo turns you on.
6. You think Wall E was “sooo romantic.”
7. Your husband refers to you as seven of nine and you find it flattering.
8. You’ve ever played “Barbie” with Star Wars action figures.
9. You sort of get what Hilary Clinton saw in P-Lod.
10. Your favorite Trek episode involves either an empathic metamorph, a Klingon wedding or the phrase “fully functional.”
11. You understand that Space Opera equals Soap Opera with better tech.
12. You consider both Gone with the Wind and Stranger in a Strange Land classic literature.
13. You figure most traditional sci-fi could benefit from at least one good shopping scene.
14. You’d kill for that electronic fingernail painter from The Fifth Element.
15. Your idea of the perfect date involves: Wine, Chocolate and your old VHS tapes of the Original Battlestar Gallactica
16. You’ve ever said, “Make it so,” in the bedroom.
17. Your love bug has a “my other car is the Millennium Falcon” bumper sticker.
18. “History will call us wives” my butt. When Mua Dib proposed to Irulan, Chani should have fed him to the sandworms.
19. You nickname your car Serenitiy, your cell phone R2 and your boyfriend Dr. Who?
20. The whole “hero’s journey” thing was cute, but you feel very strongly that the Han/Leia storyline was the most significant plot thread in the original trilogy.

Well, those are my favs. I bet there are a lot more to add to the list? What did I miss, and which ones made you go....uh oh.



Jaleta Clegg said...

You really are bored, aren't you?

Just FYI, Vader's helmet is so sexy. I've got a thing for almost evil bad guys and space pirates.

You forgot the space pirates are sexy bit. Blaster and a cutlass and an eye patch. *sigh*


Frances Pauli said...

:-) Not only bored. Im a class A procrastinator and I have a novel to get written, after all.
This seemed like a wise use of time...what?

Good additons. I knew I forgot some.

I think its the open, flowy white shirt and the tight pants, but pirates, definitely.