Sunday, September 16, 2012


Why doesn't everything come with rechargeable batteries? Think about it. What's the point of still making all those disposable ones when we have the rechargeable kind all sorted out?

As a parent, I can tell you that batteries (the non-rechargeable kind) are one of the biggest  scams in consumer history. I buy them by the vat, the bulk package these should last you a year at least quantity. We never have enough on hand. Ever. We never have the right kind on hand. Nothing the kids own comes with anything rechargeable. I don't even want to consider the dollar value to toy play time ratio.

It's pure, evil genius.

Today, you see, my batteries died. Not actual batteries, just mine specifically. I, apparently, don't come with rechargeable ones either. Go figure. I thought I could run on a steady supply of caffeine, chocolate and occasional reiki sessions. . . not so much.

(hey, it was worth a try)

Anyway, school started a week or so ago and I coach my seven year old son at home. His sister started pre-school at a co-op that includes parent time in the classroom. I'm not whining about that, I consider both to be awesome experiences. I also cherish the fact that I have so much time with them, that I have manuscripts to be written, things in edits, releases to market and a household to run.

Okay, the household bit is not on the top of my fun list, but I get that dishes and dusting and cooking are better than being homeless.

So all in all, I figure I have it pretty great. Usually, I manage the lot fairly easily and enjoy doing it. This week, however, we got smacked with the first seasonal virus. (The sick season gets longer every year, I swear) Anyway this one didn't seem to bad. A mild sinus thing. I can take it.

Except it knocked me flat. I just didn't get up today. I didn't cook anything. I didn't write anything. I didn't even really think about doing anything. I went to bed yesterday evening sometime, feeling relatively congested, tired and fairly grumpy, and I just. didn't. get. up.

My family, bless them, left me alone. They seem to have a super sensitive "mommy is broken" radar that my germ induced coma triggered. They didn't give their father a hard time either. (which would have led to waking mommy up, trust me.) They were good. Dad cooked.

I'm not kidding.

Yeah. I was shocked too. So, I slept. All. Day. I didn't feel blue or even terribly sick today. I think I slept through the worst of that bit. I just slept. Around dinner time I opened my eyes and thought about coming out. Then I rolled over and went back to bed. I got up about

The weirdest part is, I woke up with a ton of story ideas. New ideas. I have plot lines dancing in my head. Now, I used to get all my story ideas from dreams, but since I've been working series for awhile, that hasn't been as much of a factor. Also, I had children, which pretty much means giving up sleep, real sleep, for good. I catch as many hours as I can when I can, and I don't remember my dreams nearly as much as I did pre-maternity.

Today, it seems, they all came tumbling out. In fact, I'm kind of having trouble keeping up with them. Taking notes as I go. Wish me luck.

So now I'm thinking, maybe I do come with rechargeable batteries after all. Or maybe, I was just darn tired.
Whichever is the case, something got to working again while I was snoozing. Now if I can just catch it and pin it to paper....



Jaleta Clegg said...

Sounds like you just needed a down day. That's great that the story ideas are flowing so fast. Can't wait to read some new stuff.

Frances Pauli said...

Thanks. I'm still feeling a bit out of it, though. So I'm starting to lean toward blaming the virus. :D Stupid cold season.
Nice side effect though, if I get some good story seeds out of the deal.

Tam Linsey said...

Our bodies sometimes have to force us to slow down. Sound slike you needed. it.