Friday, December 14, 2012

HobbitFest! Blog Hop

Today I am playing in the Shire along with fellow author (amazing author) M. Pax and friends. All of us have answered four hobbity questions and, while you can find my answers below, the rest can be hopped to via the lovely linky list. SO tuck in for some second breakfast...or elevensies...or supper, and have a hairy-toed day!

~ Frances

What is your favorite hobbit characteristic/or the one that you think closely resembles you . . .?

I, like many a hobbit, prefer underground homes and staying put at home. Since I live above ground, I have to settle for the latter. I'm not likely to be out and about unless absolutely necessary. 

If you could choose between a scrumptious second breakfast and a perilous unexpected journey – which would you prefer?

Second breakfast. In my younger years, it probably would have been breakfast then too.

Have you ever left behind something on a journey (expected or unexpected) and wished you could have it over and over again? (a pocket handkerchief?)

Oddly enough, a ring. I once left a white gold and ruby ring behind during a move. It was far too lovely not to think about from time to time and sniffle. 

What is your Favorite part or quote from the book that you hope will be in the movie?

Dragon. Lots and lots of dragon. Dragon dragon dragon. So long as they get Smaug right and often, I'll be happy....though, after seeing some of the pre-release PR, I have to say, lots of Balin works for me too. Like, wow. Who ever would have suspected a yummy dwarf?

Okay, that's me in a hobbit nutshell. Now, off to the others, and don't forget to poke around here a little as well, or even better, sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar for new release info and cover reveals.


Tonja said...

I can't wait to see what they did with Smaug.

M Pax said...

I hope it's a great dragon.

I recently lost a ring. Sniff. I'd opt for home these days, too.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Two lost rings in one fest about the Hobbit . . .odd, and sad, and I hope you both find them . . .without any riddle games with Gollum.

Second breakfasts are wonderful!

And Smaug . . .well, it's been broken into a trilogy and although Smaug has a part in this first movie, it's different than I expected . . . you'll see what I mean. Jackson has a moment when he tries to "trick" the audience . . .and some of the audience members fell for it last night at the midnight showing.

Gwen Gardner said...

HaHa, I haven't seen Balin, but can't wait. And yeah, I hope to see lots of Smaug, too. Loved your answers:)

Frances Pauli said...

I saw it last night. It's Thorin who is the swoony dwarf. And yes, just enough of Smaug to get me crazy excited to see the next one! brilliant.
Thanks for stopping by and happy hopping!

Deniz Bevan said...

I liked Balin too!
You've seen the movie already, right? Love the sneak peeks at Smaug!

Frances Pauli said...

Yes! Got just enough Smaug to really build tension/excitement. :-)

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