Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guest Author, Voss Foster

Today I have the honor of hosting a spot in a blog tour featuring my good friend and fellow author, Voss Foster. His debut novel, Tartaros, is just releasing and he's hanging with us today to discuss the book. Give him a round of virtual applause. y'all.
Voss has also arranged a free copy of Tartaros for one lucky tour visitor. Make sure you leave a valid email in the comments to enter! Good luck. :-)

Thank you so very much for having me here, Frances.

Personally, I love finding out things that the writer didn’t put in the book. It pleases me. So I thought: why not?

Ten Secrets of Tartaros­­

  1. Archer and Rosalita were both taken from an entirely separate story…although, now that I think about it, my main character was named Daniel in that one too…*cue Twilight Zone theme song.*
  2. In the very first draft, Isaiah and Daniel had a small fling. Mind you, this was back before I’d established the current plot.
  3. I never once established boundaries to what kind of magic demon hunters could do. Never. I made it all up as I went along, just using my knowledge of folklore and such.
  4. Each of the Four Horsemen can summon servants, but I only show three (Lilith’s hellhounds, Tartaros’ wasps, and Syrobon’s tigers). Meteris could summon what are essentially Stymphalian birds: poisonous birds made of metal that can shoot their feathers.
  5. Though it never featured in, the silver stake is only the weapon of choice among hunters in Western Europe, Canada, and the US. In China, they use silver bo staffs. In Eastern Europe and the Middle East, heavy, curved swords take dominance. You’re more likely to find arrows, spears, darts—anything long range—in both South America and Africa.
  6. Rosalita’s pocket pistol is actually an Elliot four-barrel, for those of you interested in guns.
  7. The book is actually set in my hometown, and the tavern over the compound actually exists. An old family friend actually just sold it a few months ago. When I talk about the multicolored rubble, it’s from the huge mural on the side of the tattoo parlor next door to the tavern.
  8. Rathbone never actually went to China. Technically, Daniel’s promotion was never approved.
  9. Shauna went through a whole bunch of name changes. At first, she was Lillian, but that was far too similar to Lilith. Then she turned into Jillian, but she has red hair. A reckless redhead named Jillian was far too Practical Magic for me. So, she ended up as Shauna.
  10. Less than a week before Tartaros got picked up by Prizm Books, I was complaining to a friend about the hideous, stilted dialogue, the weak plot, and the general lack of anything good in the book. When I then told her it got picked up, she found that very amusing.
A demon hunter, Daniel Tartaros is sworn to slay the denizens of Hell and, for over a decade, he has. He’s kept the world, and his girlfriend, safe. But, one night, the demons cross the threshold to his home. His girlfriend is taken, possessed by a powerful demon. Too powerful for him.

But the horror increases when he finds out the truth: it’s not just a demon. Lilith, the Queen of Hell, bound herself into a human body to be with him. But, broken free and without the restraint of a human life, she still needs him, and plans to use all of her power to keep him. She’ll do what it takes to keep him, even if it means the end of life.

They should pull apart, should, by all means, abandon their relationship. But something powerful pushes them together, something so subtle neither notices until it’s too late to turn back. With Earth hanging by spider’s silk, the tiniest ripple from either Daniel or Lilith could send it swinging into the fires of destruction.
Pick Up Your Copy Of Tartaros HERE :)

Voss Foster lives in the middle of the Eastern Washington desert, where he writes speculative fiction from inside a single-wide trailer. When he can be torn away from his keyboard, he can be found cooking, practicing photography, singing, playing trombone, and belly dancing, though rarely all at once. His first full length work, Tartaros, is out now through Prizm Books.

Twitter: @VossFoster
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Tartaros Available Here (I’ll provide a link when I have one)


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Voss Foster said...

Hey, thanks again for having me over here, Frances.

Frances Pauli said...

It is my great pleasure! :D

Jaleta Clegg said...

Woot! Big congrats on the release of your book. What better way to start the year? I got to start mine with two very negative reviews of my latest book. *sigh* It can only get better.

lynda bester said...

The book sounds compelling. Wish you all the best of luck.

lynda bester said...
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Voss Foster said...

Hey, Lynda, make sure I get your eMail address, so you can be entered into the rawing for a free copy of Tartaros.