Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can you Hear me Now?

It's an audio thing, you see, and I have audio on the brain today. Not simply because my seven year old insisted on listening to the Green Children song Dragons during his P.E. session today (he has good taste, and I take full credit for that) but also because I'm hip deep in making audio books these days.

Space Slugs is, as of this week, officially in audio book production, and the anthology, A Little Short for an Alien, is right behind. I'm getting auditions from some amazing, really brilliantly amazing folks, and I am so excited I could burst.

Coming soon to an audio device of your choice.

So, audio and music and stuff got me thinking about soundtracks. Always loved them. Some of my favorite albums are, in fact, feature length movie soundtracks. I know a lot of authors have "playlists" for their novels, things they listened to or recommend listening to while reading their books. I don't. At least, so far I don't. It's not that I don't love the idea though. It's just that usually if I want writing time at all, I have to do it with some form of children's television playing in the background. 

But, I feel sort of left out about it, and I realized the other day that there ARE in fact a few songs, individual songs, that I associate with some of my books. Sort of an "our song" kind of thing. :) Sappy, I get it, but true.
And if I ever imagined a movie made from my novels (okay, I ALWAYS imagine that) I do have some picks for perfect theme songs. 

And of course, I'm going to share them now. :D Lucky y'all.

First up, A Moth in Darkness is a perfect fit (and I listened obsessively to it) for Flinch by Alanis Morissette. It's the fourth track on the Under Rug Swept album, and you know, it's like all about Liz and Lockland. (in my head.)

I listened to a lot of Tricky Pixie during the spawning of the Kingdoms Gone series (coming soon) and the song Taglio in particular inspired my tinkers and Gentry races.  Great music. Super wild and feral fairy-ish.

Then came Dogs of War and a very melancholy mood in which I obsessed a lot over Gotye's Somebody that I Used to Know. I'm sure he didn't mean the song to refer to a past life obsession, but it works. It really does. 

And my latest urban fantasy adventure, Kundalis, (still very much in the roughing it stage) features dragons...and brings us back to the Green Children. I'll leave you there. Despite the fact that the books are about dragons, I like Skies on Fire for the theme. Though Dragons would work. Considering I wrote the book in Eastern Washington in August, so would Burning Down the House... but that is a story for much later. Another time. :)

Let the music play,

~ Frances


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