Saturday, June 15, 2013

New War Dogs Series

COMING THIS SUMMER from Mundania Press

Viv Oliver is stalked across two lifetimes by a demonic parasite bent on keeping her from her soul mate. From the dog show ring to the trenches of World War One, she must unravel the creature's identity in order to destroy it and win the man her soul recognizes as its twin. But if only one of them remembers, and neither of them really believes, how can they hope to stave off disaster...again.

Vertigo will begin a series that is near and dear to my heart. Showcasing the use of dogs in the Red Cross of WW1, book one will be followed by Demon Dogs (Korean War) and Cry Havoc (Various Theaters.) All three center around reincarnation themes and an ongoing battle between dog and demon that goes back to ancient times. 

The writing of Vertigo was as much about discovery for me as it was storytelling. The depth and extent to which canine soldiers, helpers, and morale boosters have been involved in the history of human warfare went far beyond what I knew before picking up the pen and diving into their world. 

Their story is also worth exploring, the real story, of the real dogs who marched beside human soldiers on all fronts and in all manner of duties. 

I can only hope my stories do them a fraction of justice and possibly introduce more people to the history of Dogs of War.


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